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Doc.org is the largest community of healthcare professionals in the country - with over 60% of Nepal doctors and 50% of all NPs and physician assistants as verified companies members..

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Four Things to Know About Doc.org.np

1 We’re No. 1 for clinicians
Our professional medical network has a larger membership than the Nepal Medical Council, and more doctors use Doc.org.np than Epic, the top EMR in the United States. Doc.org.np’s membership has expanded to include over 80% of physicians and an increasing number of NPs, PAs, and pharmacists. Aside from the iPhone, there’s never been a piece of technology adopted by clinicians as quickly as Doc.org.np. If you’re a clinician, claim your profile today.
2 We take care of those who take care of others
DOC’s passion for addressing the workflow needs and practice pain points of clinicians is core to our product development. We believe that when the whole care coordination team is connected, patients benefit and the medical sector can work more efficiently and have a bigger impact. Our “clinician-first” mentality allows us to listen to the needs of clinicians and inspires us to build simple, easy-to-use tools to solve complex problems.

3 Medicine is mobile, and so are we
Clinicians are mobile by nature, so Doc.org.np’s suite of tools have been developed keeping this in mind. You can send and receive electronic faxes conveniently while you’re on-the-go, securely collaborate on patient treatment when you’re on-call, and call patients from your cell phone while displaying your office number. With Doc.org.np, you can be more productive and efficient without sacrificing convenience. Download our mobile apps.
4 Our expertise in digital health runs deep
The Doc.org.np team includes health tech leaders from institutions and employers such as Cleveland Clinic, Stanford University, UCSF and Medscape. Our CEO Jeff Tangney previously founded Epocrates (EPOC) and our co-founder Dr. Nate Gross previously founded Rock Health, the first venture fund for digital health. Our expertise is further bolstered by industry thought leaders on our advisory board and our healthcare-focused investors, including Emergence Capital Partners, InterWest Partners, T. Rowe Price, and Morgan Stanley.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. We’re currently hiring across departments for both local and remote positions. Visit our jobs page to apply today.

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" We are always looking for better way to improve our online services quality and best work to make you safe ,We will emerge with you more future services near future.We love to care you every second. "

- Dipesh Kumar sharma

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